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  • Seoul’s Top Ten News’ Selected by City Residents

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    The Seoul city policy that people identified with most in 2018 was the Seoul Bike, or Ttareungi program. According to public voting results, both on and offline, for the Seoul Top Ten News that Changed My Life in 2018, Ttareungi received 18,676 votes (6.5%) to rank first for the second straight year.

    As the top-ranked policy changing people’s lives, Ttareungi, earning 18,676 votes (6.5%), saw a breakthrough of over one million accumulated members this year, totaling 1.17 million, and 16.32 million rentals, which numerically resulted in the use of Ttareungi by every Seoul citizen.

    Placing second was the policy for particulate matter reduction, earning 17,074 votes (6.0%), that attempted to alleviate related concerns to the polluted air. Seoul continues to promote the switching out of old boilers and old diesel vehicles to protect the public’s health from particulate matter. In fact, it was categorized as a natural disaster, resulting in the provision of masks and air purifiers to those in need. In addition to making forecasts and warnings about air pollution, measures for emergency reduction, and other expedient information alerts regarding air quality, Seoul has bolstered cooperatives, both at home and abroad, for mutual preparations to improve air quality.

    Ranking third was the support policy for the severely disabled, earning 16,621 votes (5.8%), that lessened the burden of financial difficulties for disabled persons.

    Taking the fourth spot was the Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market, earning 13,333 votes (4.75%), that offered food, activities, and shopping in one place as Seoul’s premier nighttime attraction visited by 4.28 million people and tourists this year alone.

    ※ Results of the 2018 Seoul’s Top Ten News Selections

    Results of the 2018 Seoul’s Top Ten News Selections
    120,000 Ttareungi18,6766.5%
    2Reduction of particulate matter 17,0746.0%
    3Support for the severely disabled16,6215.8%
    4Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market 13,3334.7%
    5Comprehensive measures against MERS13,1184.6%
    6Expansion of national public childcare centers12,5044.4%
    7Provision of public housing for youth and newlywed community12,1464.3%
    8Seoul without plastic11,7164.1%
    9Seoul gender equality city11,3254.0%
    10Expansion of mobile community centers10,9703.8%