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All-out efforts to curb MERS

Contact information of Community Health Centers in Seoul

Gu (District Office)Address (English, Korean)Operation Hours / Telephone NumberSituation Room Location
Gangnam-Gu668 Seonreung-ro Gangnam-gu 24 hours
Disease Prevention Headquarters
3rd floor meeting room
Gangdong-Gu45 Seungnae-ro Gangdong-gu 24 hours
09:00~22:00: Local Health Division
09:00~22:00: Manager will be on duty at his/her own home
Gangbuk-Gu897 Hancheon-ro Gangbuk-Gu Weekdays: 09:00~22:00 / 02-901-7703
Holidays: 09:00~18:00 / 02-901-7704
3rd floor
Gangseo-Gu561 Gonghangdaero Gangseo-gu 24 hours
Community Health Center
Gwanak-Gu145 Gwanak-ro Gwanak-gu24 hours
02-879-7132,7130, 7131
6th floor
Gwangjin-Gu117 Jayang-ro Gwangjin-gu24hours
Weekdays: 02-450-1937
Nighttime: 02-450-1300
Health and Medicine Division
Guro-Gu66 Gurojoongang-ro 28-gil Guro-gu 24 hours

7th floor
Geumcheon-GuGeumcheon-gucheong 70 Siheungdaero 73-gil Geumcheon-gu 24 hours
Weekdays: Disease Management Team
Nighttime: Night Duty Office

Weekdays: Health Promotion Division
Nighttime: Health Promotion Division, Night Duty Office
Nowon-Gu437 Nohae-ro Nowon-gu24 hours
09:00~18:00 / 02-2116-4344 (3rd floor Life and Health Division)
18:00~22:00 / 02-2116-4501 (1st floor Night Duty Office)
22:00~09:00 / 02-2116-3300 (Situation Room of Nowon-gucheong)
Dobong-Gu117 Banghak-ro 3-gil Dobong-gu24 hours
Weekdays, Weekends, Holidays (09:00~18:00) 02-2091-4481~4
(Other hours) 02-2091-4612~3 (Night Duty Office)
6th floor Health and Hygiene Division (Daytime)
1st floor Night Duty Office (Nighttime)
Dongdaemun-Gu145 Cheonhodaero Dongdaemun-gu24 hours
Weekdays (09:00~22:00)
Weekends, Holidays (09:00~18:00) 02-2127-4000
(Other hours your phone call will be directly connected to Night Duty Office)
4th floor meeting room
Local Health Division
Dongjak-Gu42 Jangseungbaekgi-ro 10-gil Dongjak-gu 24 hours
Dongjak-gu MERS Call Center
Weekdays, Weekends, Holidays
Health Planning Division
Mapo-Gu212 Worldcup-ro Mapo-gu24 hours
Weekdays (09:00~22:00)
Weekends (09:00~18:00)
Other hours call Night Duty Office
at 02-3153-8100
1st floor Health Administration Division
Seodaemun-Gu242 Yeonhee-ro Seodaemun-gu24 hours
Weekdays: 02-330-8726
Nighttime: 02-330-1810
Weekdays: Local Health Division, Disease Management Team
Nighttime: 1st floor Night Duty Office
Seocho-Gu1376-3 Seocho-dong Seocho-gu24 hours
3rd floor Health Management Division
Seongdong-Gu10 Majang-ro 23-gil Seongdong-gu

24 hours
Weekdays (21:00 ~ Next morning 09:00)
Weekends, Holidays (18:00 ~Next morning 09:00)
Submit your emergency situation
at 1st floor Night Duty Office

Seongdong-gu Community Health Center
Seongbuk-Gu63 Hwarang-ro Seongbuk-gu09:00~22:00
Songpa-Gu326 Olympic-daero Songpa-gu24 hours
Health Promotion Division
Yangcheon-Gu339 Mokdongseoro Yangcheon-gu24 hours
Weekends: 02-2620-3856
Nighttime: 02-2620-4340
Weekdays: Health Administration Division
Nighttime: Night Duty Office
Yeongdeungpo-Gu123 Dangsan-ro Yeongdeungpo-gu24 hours
Weekends ~22:00
Holidays ~18:00
Other hours call 02-2670-3000~1
Health Support Division
Yongsan-Gu150 Noksapyeongdaero Yongsan-gu24 hours
Weekends: 02-2199-8102
Nighttime: 02-2199-6300
Health Promotion Division
Eunpyeong-Gu195 Eunpyeong-ro Eunpyeong-gu 24 hours
Weekdays (09:00 ~18:00)
Weekdays (18:00~ Next morning 09:00)
Weekdays call 02-351-8276~8
Weekends (09:00 ~ Next morning 09:00)
Weekends call 02-351-8149

Medicine and Drugs Office
Night Duty Office
Jongro-Gu36 Jahamun-ro 19-gil Jongro-gu 24 hours
Weekdays, Weekends, Holidays 08:00~22:00
Other hours call 02-2148-1111~3 (Night Duty Office)
Jongro-gu Community Health Center
Jung-GuDasan-ro 39-gil Jung-gu24 hours
Weekdays 09:00 ~ 21:00
Other hours call 02-3396-6315 (Night Duty Office)
4th floor Health Management Division
1st floor Supporters’ Association
Jungrang-Gu179 Bonghwasan-ro Jungrang-gu24 hours
Weekdays 09:00~22:00
Weekends, Holidays 09:00~18:00
Other hours you may call 02-2094-0741
but if no one answers please call 02-2094-2094 (Night Duty Office)
Health Administration Division