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Seoul International Complex

Yeongdong-daero underground complex

❚ Major Plans

Mixed-use development of Yeongdong-daero underground complex (floor area ratio 159,000 ㎡), facilitating transfers between railways and buses.

  • Mixed-use development: 1st to 4th basement floor extension 630 m × width 70 m × depth 28 m
  • Integrated stations: 5th to 6th basement floor extension 165 m × width 70 m × depth 51 m
Facility nameLocation (basement floor)Area (㎡)Major features
Convenient facilities for citizens1st floor29,981∙ Convenient facilities for citizens and for-profit facilities
City air terminal1st to 2nd floor18,354∙ 1st floor check-in ∙ 2nd floor boarding of airport bus
Bus transfer center2nd floor6,009∙ 90 service routes (current 47+future 43)
Parking lot3rd floor27,493∙ Parking for 114 buses, 137 cars
Integrated stations4th to 6th floor77,412∙ 4th floor: Wirye to Sinsa
∙ 5th floor: metropolitan railways
∙ 6th floor: metropolitan railways (KTX, GTX, etc.)


Through the linking of four metropolitan railways and city railways (light rail and subway), significantly improve the accessibility to major cities.

  • Nationwide: Strengthen the accessibility of KTX (Dongtan, Samseong, and Uijeongbu), Airport Railroad and Subway line no. 9 to Incheon Airport and major cities around the country.
  • Metropolitan area: Expand the metropolitan railways network, such as GTX A (KINTEX to Samseong Station), GTX C (Geumjeong to Uijeongbu), southern metropolitan express (Dangare to Jamsil), and others.
  • Major centers in Seoul: light rail (connect Wirye to Sinsa. Subway line no. 2 to line no. 9, and others)

Establish a metropolitan complex transfer system for organic links of public transportation facilities

  • Complete a metropolitan complex transfer system for transferring conveniently and rapidly to various transportation means, such as railways, buses, and airplanes.

Maximize the use of urban space by building solid facilities around the railway stations.

  • Build an organic and integrated complex by connecting major facilities such as COEX, integrated stations, Hyundai Motors GBC, and Jamsil Sports Complex
  • Reorganization of the environment for pedestrians and bikes, in order for railways passengers to use the major facilities easily.

Aerial view (transverse section)

Aerial view (longitudinal section)

Reference Land Area of Major Sections of International Exchange Complex

DivisionLand areaFeatures
TOTAL1,992,394.8 ㎡International Exchange Complex
Inside the District Unit Planning Areas1,663,652.0 ㎡-
Private landSpecial Planning DistrictsACOEX land190,386.3 ㎡International Exchange Complex major functions area
North side148,784.0 ㎡MICE major facilities such as exhibitions and conventions
South side41,602.3 ㎡MICE supporting facilities such as commercial facilities/hotels
BHyundai Motors GBC79,341.8 ㎡International Exchange Complex major functions area
(exhibitions and conventions and supporting facilities)
CSeoul Medical Center land31,543.9 ㎡Expansion of MICE supporting facilities
(businesses/culture/accommodation, and the like)
DOld site for Korea Appraisal Board land10,988.5 ㎡
Small-scale private landENorth side of Bongeunsa-ro general residential area60,366.2 ㎡Mixed district of small lands and residential area
→ Expand city services facilities
(Maintain the city structure, encourage street revitalization by utilizing lower levels of buildings, etc.)
FWest side of COEX general residential area117,086.7 ㎡
GNorth side of Teheran-ro general commercial area38,610.8 ㎡Concentration of business facilities
→ Strengthening the functions for attracting and supporting international affairs
HSouth side of Teheran-ro general commercial/residential area203,232.5 ㎡
IEast side of old KEPCO land general residential area107,752.7㎡Large-scale development of community facilities-related businesses
→ Improve the street environment and expand the supporting functions for mid-scale facilities (businesses/commercial/culture, etc.)
Public landJYeongdong-daero45,449.1㎡Complex transfer system
KRivers (Tancheon Stream)184,705.0㎡Build an open waterfront space for citizens
LJamsil Sports Complex414,205.0㎡Space mainly for sports and entertainment
*etc.Roads, Gangnam Fire Station, etc.179,983.5㎡-
Outside the District Unit Planning Areas328,742.8㎡-
Public land.MRivers (Hangang River/ Tancheon Stream)328,742.8㎡Build an open waterfront space for citizens
(such as expansion of Jamsil Sports Complex)