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  • I‧SEOUL‧U Celebrates 3rd Anniversary – 84% Awareness & 70% Likeability among Seoul Residents

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    In light of its 3rd anniversary, the Seoul city brand, i seoul u, announced the results of a survey taken by nearly 5,000 locals and international residents.

    According to the survey, eight out of ten citizens (84.0%) were aware of the Seoul brand i seoul u, upon reaching the landmark of its third year anniversary. Results showed that 42.0% of residents gained awareness through television, newspapers, and other mass media vendors, while 37.9% learned of the city brand via Seoul-related events and advertisements. Ninety-five percent of foreigners and domestic residents visiting the city’s foreign language websites also recognized the Seoul brand.

    This signature city brand grew more popular among residents each year amid the increase in awareness from 63.0% in 2016, to 66.3% in 2017, and 84.0% in 2018. Varied age groups among people in their 20s (83.9%), 30s (83.0%), 40s (84.8%), and 50s (84.3%) were also found to be aware of the brand.

    In response to the kind of image people maintain about the city of Seoul, 53.5% answered that Seoul’s image was modern, while 47.5% said that Seoul was diverse, 45.3%, spirited and dynamic, and 14.4%, safe.

    As for Seoul’s competitive edge over other foreign cities, convenient public transportation came out on top (274), followed by safe streets to walk at night (221), diversity of tourist attractions and landmarks (56), and leading the world in IT (51), which conclusively highlight convenient public transportation use and safe streets as Seoul’s primary competitive assets as a global city.