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Seoul’s Competitiveness

The US-based technology market research organization Strategy Analytics discovered that the United States and Singapore have an internet user rate of 88% and 60%, respectively.


In Korea, this number is as high as 95%. Strategy Analytics explains that Seoul, a city of more than 20 million inhabitants (including its satellite cities), is a giant internet hotspot that offers cheap wireless internet connections virtually anywhere in the city, and praises Korea for its high connection rate.


World Electronic Government : 1st place

UN Survey 2008, 2012


World City Competitiveness Index : 6th place

Mori Foundation Japan, 2012


Business Friendly Country : 8th place

World Bank 2012


Competitiveness Index 2010: 9th place

World City Competitiveness Report (Social Science Center, China)


Labor Productivity : 1st place

OECD 2011


Global City Index : 8th place

A.T.Kearney and Foreign Policy Magazine 2012


Convention-Friendly Cities: 5th place

For three consecutive years (2010-12) UIA 2012


Economic Competitiveness : 3rd place

Newsweek 2011