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City Competitiveness Index

GPCI The Mori Memorial Foundation

The Mori Memorial Foundation of Japan began releasing GPCI data in 2008. Announced every October, the GPCI is an indicator of the competitiveness of major cities, and is determined through a survey of 70 detailed indices in 6 sectors: economy, R&D, cultural exchanges, residence, environment, and transportation accessibility. The 70 detailed indices consist of 59 statistical data and 11 questionnaire-based surveys.


DataSource / Note
StatisticsYear of DataDownload
2012excel downloadSeoul Statistics / http://stat.seoul.go.kr
Area605 (km²)2012excel downloadSeoul Statistics / http://stat.seoul.go.kr


DataSource / Note
StatisticsYear of DataDownload
1. GDP (Nominal GDP)12282,945
(billion KRW)
2011excel downloadSeoul Statistics 2012
2. GDP per Capita3125,466
2011excel downloadSeoul Statistics 2012
3. GDP Growth Rate122.52 (%)’07-’11excel downloadSeoul Statistics 2008-2012
e-National indicators
4. Level of Economic Freedom 2570.32013excel downloadpdf downloadpdf downloadHeritage foundation 『2013 Index of Economic Freedom』 (p.1)
5. Total Market Value of Listed Shares on Stock Exchanges121,179,419.5
(million USD)
2012.12excel downloadWorld Federation of Exchanges
World Federation of Exchanges
6. World's Top 300 Companies68 (companies)2012excel downloadFortune Global 500
7. Number of Employees85,036,000
2012excel downloadSeoul Statistics / http://stat.seoul.go.kr
Seoul Statistics / http://stat.seoul.go.kr
8. Number of Employees in Service Industry 41,556,160
2011excel download統計庁(http://kosis.kr/eng/)
9. Wage Level2754.82012pdf downloadUBS 『Prices and Earnings』 「Wage levels」 (p.9)
10. Easy of Securing Human Resourcesquestionnaire survey
11. Office Space per Employee3111.7
2012pdf downloadSeoul Statistics / http://stat.seoul.go.kr
Seoul Statistics / http://stat.seoul.go.kr
12. Corporate Tax Rate924.2 (%)2012image downloadKPMG 「Corporateand Indirect TaxRate Survey」
13. Level of Political, Economic and Business Risk25Aa32012.8pdf downloadMoody's

Research & Development

Research & Development
DataSource / Note
StatisticsYear of DataDownload
14. Number of Researchers393,794 (persons)2011Seoul Statistics / http://stat.seoul.go.kr
15. World's Top 200 Universities 212 universities2012-2013Times Higher Education's World University Rankings
Seoul National University(59位), Yonsei University(183位)
16. Academic Performance in Mathematics and Science45422009pdf downloadOECD 「The Program for International Student Assessment(PISA)」
OECD 「The Program for International Student Assessment(PISA)」
Science : 538, Mathmatics : 546 → average : 542
17. Readiness for Accepting Foreign Researchersquestionnaire survey
18. Research & Development Expenditure1092,313 (0.1trillion KRW)
8,392 (billion USD)
2011pdf downloadKISTEP 「2011 Survey of Research and Development in Korea」 (p.15)
19. Number of Registered Industrial Property Rights (Patents) 121,376 (件)2007-2011excel downloadpdf downloadpdf downloadWIPO(World Intellectual Property Organization)
KIPO(Korean Intellectual Property Office)
20. Number of Winners of Highly-reputed Prizes (Science and Technology-related Fields) 172012NobelPrize, BalzanPrize, CrafoordPrize, Nevanlinna Prize, Fields Prize
21. Interaction Opportunities between Researchers23172013OurGlocal

Culture & Interaction

Culture & Interaction
DataSource / Note
StatisticsYear of DataDownload
22. Number of International Conferences Held6253 (events)2012pdf downloadUIA(Union of International Associations)  
International Meetings Statistics for the Year 2012 (p.3)
23. Number of Large World-Class Cultural Events Held1212013IOC, BIE, Film Festival, Fashion Show, open tournament
24. Trade Value of Audiovisual and Related Services12270,800,000 (USD)2011excel downloadUN Service Trade 「Audio visual and Related Service」
25. Environment of Creative Activitiesquestionnaire survey
26. Number of World Heritage Sites (within 100㎞ area)155 (sites)2013excel downloadUNESCO World Heritage
27. Opportunities for Cultural, Historical and Traditional Interaction questionnaire survey
28. Number of Theaters and Concert Halls 3171 (theaters)
285 (concert halls)
2012excel downloadSeoul Statistics : Theater (2012)
Seoul Statistics : Concert Halls (2012)
29. Number of Museums24148 (locations)2012excel downloadSeoul Statistics : Museums (2012)
Art Gallery : 34 / Museum : 114 → Total : 148 places
30. Number of Stadiums9162013image downloadWorldstadiums.com
31. Number of Guest Rooms in Luxury Hotels1112,098 (rooms)2013pdf downloadYahoo Travel
Fivestar Alliance
32. Number of Hotels27292 (Expedia)2013excel downloadSame as above
33. Level of Satisfaction with Shoppingquestionnaire survey
34. Level of Satisfaction with Diningquestionnaire survey
35. Number of Foreign Residents15247,108 (persons)2012excel downloadKorea Immigration Service, Ministry of Justice
Korea Immigration Service STATISTICS 2012, p.390
36. Number of Visitors from Abroad711,140,000 (persons)2012excel downloadSeoul Statistics / http://stat.seoul.go.kr
37. Number of International Students1021,185 (persons)2012excel downloadSeoul Statistics / http://stat.seoul.go.kr


DataSource / Note
StatisticsYear of DataDownload
38. Total Unemployment Rate 32011excel downloadpdf downloadOECD Factbook 2013 (p.143)
Economic, Environmental and Social Statistics
39. Level of Employee for their Life Satisfaction392012pdf downloadUBS "Prices and Earnings" 「Working Hours per Year」 (p.30)
40. Level of Employee Life Satifactionquestionnaire survey
41. Average Home Rent332,810 (USD/month (avg.))
2,640 (USD/month (med.))
2012pdf downloadUBS 『Prices and Earnings』 「Apartment Rents」 (p.19)
42. Price Level (compared to New York)1267.8 (%)2012pdf downloadUBS 『Prices and Earnings』 「Prices exel.rent」 (p.8)
43. Number of Murders per Population2617.1 (件/100万人)2012pdf downloadSeoul Statistics / http://stat.seoul.go.kr
179件×1,000,000人÷10,442,426人(2012) = 17.1 case/1million people
44. Disaster Vulnerability167.22007pdf downloadMunich Re 『Natural hazard Risk Index for megacities』 「Vulnerability」
45. Healthy Life Expectancy2281 (years)2011pdf downloadWHO 「World Health Statistics : Healthy Life Expectancy」 (p.54)
46. Maturity of Community 28· Threat of civil unrest/conflict
· Threat of terror
· Level of corruption
· Social/Religious restrictions
· Level of censorship (
: Acceptable
: Tolerable
: Uncomfortable
: Acceptable
: Tolerable)
2010pdf downloadpdf downloadpdf downloadEIU Livability Survey
「Threat of civil unrest/conflict」
「Threat of terror」
「Level of corruption」
「Social/Religious restrictions」
「Level of censorship」
※ EIU 『Global Liveability Survey』 2013.2 (p.125)
47. Number of Medical Doctors per Population292,718 (人/100万人)2012pdf downloadSeoul Statistics / http://stat.seoul.go.kr
28,831人×1,000,000人÷10,442,426人(2012) = 2,718 per/1million people
48. Population Density417,254 (per/km²)2012excel downloadSeoul Statistics / http://stat.seoul.go.kr
49. Number of International Schools per Foreign Population141 (校/10,000人)2013pdf downloadpdf downloadimage downloadimage downloadWASC
※ Ministry of Education
50. Variety of Retail Shops questionnaire survey
51. Variety of Restaurantsquestionnaire survey


DataSource / Note
StatisticsYear of DataDownload
52. Number of Companies with ISO 14001 Certification32,7312011excel downloadpdf downloadISO
10,925 companies (Korea) × 25% = 2,731 (Seoul)
53. Percentage of Renewable Energy Used382.2 (%)2011excel downloadpdf downloadSeoul Statistics / http://stat.seoul.go.kr
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy 『Yearbook of Regional Energy Statistics 2012』 (p.32)
54. Percentage of Paper Recycled 894.5 (%)2011pdf downloadMinistry of Environment 『Environmental Statistics Yearbook 2012』 「Waste Recycling」 (p.505)
55. CO2 Emissions1610.89 (ton/employee)2011pdf downloadCO₂ Emissions : 49,008,000ton / employee : 4,498,312人 (2011) = 10.89ton/person
Climate & Environment Headquarters,
Seoul Metropolitan Government
56. Density of Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM)3041 (㎍/m²)2012excel downloadSeoul Statistics / http://stat.seoul.go.kr
57. Density of Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide33SO2 : 0.005 (ppm)
NO2 : 0.030 (ppm)
2012excel downloadSeoul Statistics / http://stat.seoul.go.kr
58. Water Quality10.775 (mg O2/L)2010excel downloadimage downloadGlobal Environmental Management System(GEMS)
Global Environmental Management System(GEMS)
59. Level of Green Coverage28 (%)2012pdf downloadArea of Seoul : 605.21㎢ / Area of Park : 169.12㎢ (ratio of green coverage : 28%)
Green Seoul Bureau, Seoul Metropolitan Government
60. Comfort Level of Temperature29107.32012pdf downloadSeoul Statistics / http://stat.seoul.go.kr


DataSource / Note
StatisticsYear of Datadownload
61. Number of Cities with Direct International Flights12161 (cities)2013.7Incheon International Airport  
2012.12 : 150cities
62. Number of Cities with Direct International Cargo Flights381 (cities)2013.72012.12 : 80cities
Incheon International Airport
63. Number of Passengers on International Flights742,446,000 (persons)2012pdf downloadimage downloadimage downloadSeoul Statistics / http://stat.seoul.go.kr
Incheon International Airport
Korea Airport Corporation

Incheon : 38,350,976人(Incheon International Airport)
Gimpo : 4,094,577人(Korea Airport Corporation) / Total : 42,446千人
64. Number of Runways85 (runways)2013pdf downloadimage downloadIncheon Airport PR Brochure 2013 (p.23)
Korea Airport Corporation (Kimpo Airport)
65. Density of Metro Subway Stations120.59 (stations/km²)2012pdf downloadSeoul Statistics / http://stat.seoul.go.kr  
Seoul Metro
Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation
357 Stations / 605 ㎢ = 0.59 stations/㎢
66. Punctuality of Public Transportationquestionnaire survey
67. Convenience of Commutingquestionnaire survey
68. Travel Time between Inner-city Areas and International Airports3343 (minutes)2013image downloadAREX (Incheon Airport Railroad Express)
69. Transportation Fatalities per Population2640 (人/100万人)2012pdf downloadSeoul Statistics / Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency
70. Taxi Fare84 (USD/~5km)2012pdf downloadSeoul Statistics / http://stat.seoul.go.kr
Taximeter Fare system
-Minimum fare : 2,400 KRW / Distance-distance fare : 100 KRW/144m
Taxi & Logistics Division, City Transportation Headquarters, Seoul Metropolitan Government