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Seoul City Hall Seosomun Building Directions

Seoul City Hall Seosomun Building – 15 Deoksugung-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
We are experiencing an acute shortage of public parking spaces. Please use Seoul’s public transportation system whenever possible.

  • Route :  1line, 2line
    Route : Exit 1 of City Hall Station / City Hall Station, Exit 11 or Exit 12
By Car
  • From Gwanghwamun Gate direction : Take a right into the narrow alley at Deoksugung Palace main entrance
  • From Sungnyemun Gate Direction : Go straight until Gwanghwamun Gate and make a U-turn. Take a right into the narrow alley at Deoksugung Palace main entrance


  • Route :  Regular busesRegular buses
    Accessible from : 101(to Ui-dong), 172, 472, 600(to Onsu-dong, 602(to Yangcheon Bus Garage), 603(to Sinwol-dong), 7019(to Eunpyeong Bus Garage)
  • Route :  Gyeonggi-do busesGyeonggi-do buses
    Accessible from : City bus1002(Bullo-dong,Incheon), Red bus 8600(New Korea Hospital)


Samsung Main Bldg

  • Route :  Blue busesBlue buses
    Accessible from : 103(Seoul station/to Wolgye-dong), 150, 263(to Yeouido), 401(Seoul station/to Jangil-dong), 402, 406(Seoul station/to Gaepo-dong),
    504(to Gwangmyeong Bus Garage), 507(to Siheung-dong), 604(to Sinwol-dong), 603(to Sinwol-don), 700(Seoul Station/to Ilsan),
    703(Seoul Station/to Munsan)), 707(Seoul Station/to Ilsan)
  • Route :  Green busesGreen buses
    Accessible from :  1711, 7011(to Eunpyeong Bus Garage), 7016, 7022(Seoul Station/to Gusan-dong)
  • Route :  Green (Village) busesGreen (Village) buses
    Accessible from :  Jongno09, Jongno11
  • Route :  Red busesRed buses
    Accessible from :  9401(to Bundang), 9703(to Ilsan), 9709(to Geumchon), 9714(to Gyoha)
  • Route :  Gyeonggi-do busesGyeonggi-do buses
    Accessible from:  909, 1000, 1005-1, 1100, 1200, 1900, 2000, 5000, 5005, 5500, 5500-1, 5500-2, 8880, 9000, 9080
  • Route :  M busesM buses
    Accessible from :  M7106, M7111, M4018, M5107


Across Samsung Main Bldg. in front of Seoul City Hall

  • Route : Blue busesBlue buses
    Accessible from : 150, 263(to Yeouido)), 402(Seoul Station/to Jangji-dong), 405(to Wonhyoro 2-ga), 501(Jongno 2-ga/to Seoul Univ.), 502(to Uiwang-si), 506(to Sillim-dong), 507(to Siheung), 604(to Sinwol-dong), 706(to Gyoha)
  • Route :  Green busesGreen buses
    Accessible from :  1711, 7011(to Eunpyeong Bus Garage), 7016
  • Route :  Green (Village) buses
    Accessible from :  Jongno09, Jongno11

Seoul City Hall Seosomun Building

Seoul City Hall Seosomun Building
BlockFloorDepartmentMain Place
Block115th floorGym, Lounge for Men, Female Staff & Expectant Mothers, Information, Communication (General Affairs Division), Design VE Review (Contracting Audit Division)Engineering Division
14th floorBuilding Operation Team (General Affairs Division), YouthDivision,LifelongLearning Division, U-Integrated security center
13th floorEco-Friendly
Meal Division, Education Policy Division , Lifelong Learning Policy Bureau,
The Korean Government Employees’ Union
Main  Conference Hall, Restaurant, Restroom,The office of the Korean Government Employees’ Union
12th floorResource  Recirculation Division, Indoor Air and Noise Management Division, Magok  Business Bureau, Magok Business Division, Magok Development Division, Energy  Efficiency Promotion Division, AtmosphericEnvironment and Information Center(Environmental Policy Division)Conference Hall
11th floorClimate Change & Sustainability Division, Green Energy Division, Environment & Energy Planning Bureau, Deputy Mayor for Climate & Environment, Environmental Policy Division, Air Quality Management DivisionConference Hall
10th floor38 Tax Collection Division, City Asset Management Division, Director-General of Finance, Finance DivisionConference Hall, City’s Archive
9th floorTax and Customs Division, Tax Administration Division,, Contract Examination Division, Comprehensive tax system, Maintenance business group (Tax Collection Division)Public Meeting Room
8th floorWater Circulation Safety Bureau, WaterCirculation Policy Division, Water Reuse Planning Division, Stream Management Division, Water Reuse FacilitiesDivisionConference Hall
7th floorTaxi & Logistics Division, Bus Policy Division, Deputy Mayor for City Transportation, Transportation Policy Bureau, TransportationPlanning BureauHuman Rights Commission Conference Hall (Human Rights Division)
6th floorSports Policy Division, Transportation System Bureau, PedestrianFriendly Planning Bureau, Pedestrian & Bicycle Division, Parking Planning DivisionParking Management Integration Center
5th floorDesign PolicyDivision, SeoulCity Wall Illustration Division, TourismPolicy Division, Tourism& Sports Bureau, TourismBusiness DivisionMuseum & Art Museum Business Advisor
4th floorHistory & Cultural HeritageDivision, Culture& Arts Division, Cultural Planning Division, Culture Headquarters, Cultural Policy Division, Museum Promotion Division
3rd floorInformation System Planning Bureau, Geospatial Information Division, Information System Planning Division, Information System Division
2nd floorSubway Innovation Division (Transportation Policy Division), TrafficViolation Enforcement Division Road Facilities Division, Bridge MaintenanceDivision,
1st floorGreen Seoul Citizen Committee, Lease& Monthly Rent Counseling Center (Housing Policy Division), PublicHousing Division, Residential Environment Division),Free Legal Counselling Services, One Less Nuclear Power Plant Information Center, Seoul Healing CenterEmergency Room, Emergency Operations Room
B1Seosomun City Archives
B2Engineering Division
Block21st floorAward  & Lookups Office, Seoul Plaza Office, Public opinion investigation room,  Energy Designer Office T-GIS Maintenance Office, ResidentialRedevelopment Support Center, photo(taken by aircraft) interpretation center,Garbage Collectors’ Office/Private Police·Protection Service·Drivers’ WaitingRoomdental  clinic, Medical Office, Oriental Medicine Room,Bank,Emergency Room
2nd floorTechnical   Evaluation Division, Land Management Division, Facilities Planning Division,  Fast Track Administrative Division, Headof Standing Audit and Inspection (Audit & Inspection Bureau)Public Meeting Room, Archive
3rd floorUrban  Planning Division, General Director of Urban Planning, Urban Light Pollution  Policy Division , Urban Management & Design Division, RegionalPlanning Division, Urban Planning Advisory Group, Public Official EthicsCommission (Investigation Division), CleanUp System Service Office (Housing Redevelopment and Improvement Division)Archive, Sub-committee Room
4th~8th floorSeoul Metropolitan Council
9th floorInformation Communication Room
10th floorArchive
B1Engineering Division
Block 31st floorPortal Administration Service System, Garbage Collector Waiting RoomInformation Protection System Room
2nd floorInformation Communication & Security Division
3rd floorData & Statistics Division
Block 51st floorInvestigation Division (Discipline Team), Digital Doctor
2nd floorInvestigation Division(Ethics office team)Conference
room, Investigation room
3rd floorAudit & Inspection Commission, Investigation DivisionConference
4th floorAudit & Inspection Division
5th floorPresident of Audit & Inspection Commission, Safety Audit & Inspection Division (Subcontract Teams 1 & 2)Conference room
6th floorInvestigation Division
7th floorSafety Audit & Inspection Division