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New Changes to COVID-19 Prevention
For Level 1 Social Distancing in Seoul

Effective Oct. 12, 2020

Make cities better, make citizens happier

Seoul Global Challenge 2021

Challenge Topics : Reduction of particulate matters and Improvement of air quality in subways

Total prize money of KRW 690 million

Technology Challenge :
Oct. 14(Wed) ~ Dec. 31(Thu), 2020 at 18:00(KST)
Academic Challente :
Announcement written on each society website

※ Prize money will be changed according to the budget compilation for 2021

Pinkfong and Baby Shark Console
the Tired Minds of Citizens
in the Prolonged COVID-19 Pandemic

KICK Away the COVID-19

2020 Live Taekwondo Performance in Seoul

  • 12am, WED., SEP. 16 LIVE / 12am, TUES., SEP. 24 LIVE
  • 12am, SAT., OCT. 10 / 12am, SAT., OCT. 17 / 12am, SAT., NOV. 31
  • 12am, SAT., NOV. 7 / 12am, SAT., NOV. 21 / 12am, SAT., NOV. 28

*Schedule is subject to change.

Search for <Taekwondo in Namsangol> on YouTube or NaverTV

Citywide Mandatory Mask Ordinance

  • e.g. facilities and modes of transportantion

  • e.g. public space and gatherings, including assemblies

* Except in unavoidable cases, such as when eating or drinking

Effective as of Monday, August 24 until lifted via separate announcement

Seoul’s Official COVID-19 Webpage

Are you curious on how SEOUL is dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak?
You can find all the information on a single page!

What You Can Find:
  • Mayor’s Note
  • Daily Updates - topic, COVID-19 Dashboard
  • Countermeasures - Screening Clinics, Finacial Support, Campaign, ect.
  • Cities Network
  • News
Go Seoul’s Official COVID-19 Webpage >

Precautions for International Travelers

  • Before Boarding (departure)
  • On Board (aircraft)
  • After Landing (arrival)
Learn more >


When your journey begins, I hope it begins in Seoul.

The freedom to travel the world is locked in our hearts.
So we prepared something special for you!
Would you let BTS guide your tours to Seoul?
You will have enough inspiration to go around Seoul in one day.

View on YouTube >

SHRDC Global Academy: Foreign Officials gather to share Seoul’s best practices and urban policies

Cultural Events Calendar

SEOUL city hall

Information about organizational chart of Seoul City Hall, its administrative duties, directions and administrative history.